How Did I End Up Owning the Best North Conway Cabin Rental?

Ask me about my horses...
And my donkey too!

Way back when, I was in charge of planning the family reunions, gatherings and special celebrations.

Believe me, I feel your pain! Trying to get everyone together is seriously like herding cats!

My family promised me it would be easy to please everyone, all they wanted was...

  • Indoor pool

  • Toasty Sauna

  • Space to spread out

  • Tucked in the woods but close to town

  • Private bedrooms so there wasn't any squishing

  • Entertainment for the non-skiers and hikers.

  • Private indoor space to relax in

  • Plenty of parking

Do you feel like Don Quixote and the Impossible Dream now right? Don't fight that windmill yet!

I'd find a place that I thought was perfect for the entire group and when folks started piling in, naturally, everyone had something to say. It varied between positive and negative comments about the vacation rental. 

Years later I finally rented a lodge with an indoor pool. I couldn't believe my ears when my entire family arrived. We sat around the living room chatting and everyone had really positive things to say about the house:

"It's so spacious! 9 bedrooms...I can't believe I have my own room and I don't have to share with anyone!"

"I love that it's tucked away in the trees."

"I love the location!"

"The sauna is awesome after skiing!"

and my personal favorite...

"I can't believe there's a private indoor pool right in the house!"

During our week's stay, my extended family made frantic plans to purchase the lodge. I sat back, watching, waiting for the plan to implode. Just as you'd expect, it did!

When I returned home I did some research and contacted the owners. 

Four months later I was the proud owner of the coolest lodge in New England. To this day I walk down the lane toward the Lodge and shake my head. I still cannot believe I own this wonderful home!

Have you ever heard Dr. Phil talk about "getting him home and unwrapping the package"? Well, in my case it was unwrapping the house. 

I found myself repeating over and over, "That has to be fixed/replaced too? Ugh!"



This picture was taken in 1999!


Whoohoo Baby!

I love to look at old photos of the kids when they were young and playing in the pool, concentrating on a game of chess in the living room or my Dad's surprise 85th birthday party and the time we hosted my son's basketball team! 

Family memories were made over the years and unbreakable bonds between cousins and friends were forged!

Even though it needed tons of work, I'm glad I purchased Four Seasons Lodge 30 years ago!

I was young and enthusiastic, hardworking, and strong. I have a video of what Four Seasons Lodge looked like in 1992. I should put a VCR in the Lodge so folks can see how much has changed!

Today, I'm older and wiser. I don't get on the roof of the pool room and shovel off the snow in winter anymore. My son Tim does that!

Tim was just a baby when I bought the Lodge. He's kind of grown-up there and has become one of the faces of Four Seasons Lodge! You'll probably meet him when he's checking the chemicals in the pool during your stay (or shoveling off the roof!)



Tim at 9 years old!


Whoa..He's all grow'd up!

Tucked in the Woods Yet Minutes to Everything!

The Lodge is tucked in the pines and surrounded by the majestic White Mountains. What could be better than being hugged by the Presidential Range?

The Four Seasons Lodge, located in North Conway, is just one of the many North Conway Vacation Rentals available for rent. Our reviews say that most past guests think we are the best of the White Mountain cabin rentals!

Our Precious Guests - I Hope the Next One is You!

We are not the only family that has enjoyed Four Seasons Lodge for many years.


Our longest-running "repeat offender" is a group of women from Beverly, MA that have been vacationing at Four Seasons Lodge for 25 years! Their yearly pilgrimage is a themed party. Over the years they have had toga parties, Christmas in June, haunted house (my personal favorite), roaring 20's and 18 other themed vacations!

I have had so much fun over the years chatting with guests and helping with ideas of things to do in North Conway. I want everyone to get the most out of their vacation time!

Even if the guests are familiar with North Conway, I can usually give them some tips to save money or time. For instance, save lots of time by heading home either early Sunday morning or enjoy the day in North Conway and leave at suppertime. The traffic in Massachusetts is terrible mid-day on Sundays!

Four Seasons Lodge is the most unique vacation rental you'll find in New England. We have enough amenities to keep everyone busy. You just need to bring the smiles!

white mountains

We're Just Like you!

We work hard and when we vacation we want peace and relaxation!

I vacationed in North Conway as a child and loved the rural lifestyle. 

Nature was all around and there was wildlife everywhere! The air was dry, the sky seemed a much deeper blue, unlike in the city, and it was ablaze with stars at night because there's no wash from the city lights. Plus, the people seemed genuine and friendly.

Some of my best childhood memories are of scrambling up Diana's Baths and hiking the local trails with my family. 

Russ was born and raised in western Pennsylvania and after traveling to the White Mountains he found his true home, and me!

He's a finish carpenter, electrician, artist and all around great guy! His artistry and talents in the building trades are apparent from the moment you walk into the Four Seasons Lodge.

Prepare yourself to be wow'd with all of the furniture he's built and his finishing touches on the design of the Lodge.


You're Allergic to WHAT?

We made a decision to create an atmosphere at Four Seasons Lodge where folks with allergies and sensitivities can rest, relax and vacation. 

A member of our family is sensitive to many things and EpiPen allergic to quite a few! Pet dander is one of the things he is EpiPen allergic to. I hope you understand why we cannot accommodate family cats, dogs, pets, ESA, service animals, etc.

For your enjoyment, and our family member's too, we try to ensure Four Seasons Lodge is as allergen free as possible.

We sanitize the pool with Bromine, which is less harsh on sensitive skin, have the rugs shampoo'd often, use propane for our fireplace instead of wood, are a non-smoking facility and are and always have been totally pet free.

Check out our blog that lists a few North Conway Restaurants that will be sensitive to your needs AND have great footd. 

Looking forward to meeting you at Four Seasons Lodge. You'll be so happy that you "picked the house with the pool!"

Teena and Molly Miss Molly

At Four Seasons Lodge our philosophy is simple: Ensure that Four Seasons Lodge is spotlessly clean and meticulously maintained. Plus, to make your time spent at our White Mountain Cabin Rental your best vacation yet.
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